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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in Becca's LiveJournal:

Sunday, January 25th, 2004
6:22 pm
Miss Manhattan gets a Clue.
So the miss manhattan screening just happened, and I feel safe about it. I had a little panic attack when I thought I didn't have my music, but it was all good. Hooray. Kevin saw me through. Anyway, I think I'm going to play Clue at some point tonight! Hoorah!!! The Golden Globes are on tonight. Such CRAP! Whatever. I need to get some dinner. Shanti offered me a steamed vegetable taco, but that just sounds kind of gross. I'll find something else. Okay, this is an image, but the last couple lines are pleasant.

The last line. ??? Who is that lucky girl?

anyway, i'm going to go get some food and knit.

Current Mood: amused
3:20 am
Why do I feel like I should cry? I cleaned my room, read a homework assignment, ate in, watched a movie, played a great game of Monopoly, and knitted today. I've accomplished stuff, but I'm ridiculously empty at the moment. Kevin flirts cruely, and I just don't know what I want. I used to not like him at all, and he just grows on me like some sort of tumor. Ugh! I wish he would just make a definitive statement or action or something so I know what on earth to think. All these small doses and odd behaviors are driving me mad. Maybe that's what he's going for. Anyway, I hope that is equally perplexed. He said the sweetest thing today, but I never know what he means or what he's going for. Anyway, change of subject.

My room is friggin' amazing now. I love it. It's so clean and wonderful. I cannot wait to vaccuum tomorrow and to finish my laundry.

Miss Manhattan stuff tomorrow.

P.S. He talks about me to his roommates, because I stopped by for less than a minute tonight, and one of them said, "so you're Miss America?" They know I do pageants, and they know it because he told them.

Current Mood: restless
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
2:18 pm
sheer greatness

*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?

Created by ptocheia

Monday, January 12th, 2004
1:47 pm
Miss South Arkansas
So I did the Miss South Arkansas 2004 pageant this weekend. I won the overall talent and a $200 scholarship, but I didn't place in the top 5 out of 9. That means that my interview must be the most terrible thing in the history of the world. I felt very intelligent and honest during my interview though, so I'm a little thrown aback. I'm guessing that I'm just too liberal for Arkansas. They asked what I thought about homosexuality, and I said that I have lots of homosexual friends and I support their rights. I also said that I thought saying a gay couple can't get married is like saying a black couple can't get married. It's removing benefits from people because they have traits that some see as detramental. I don't think that went over well though, because one of the judges is a Baptist youth minister and one of the other judges just finished recording her first Christian pop album. Ugh. They also asked me what my concerns for the country were, and I said we need to start taking care of Americans who are homeless and hungry before we feed foriegners and send men to Mars. That didn't go over well either. They asked what I thought about The G.W., and I said that while he has accomplished some important things, he does not listen to his citizens as well as he should, and I included a quote of his about ignoring last years war protests. I also said that he speaks without thinking, and I refrenced two of his thousands of dumb quotes. Note to self: never bad talk the President in a pageant interview, even if you can do so intelligently. It makes you look like Satan's Little Anti-American Helper.

Anyway, Jesse Davis won the pageant, and I'm glad. That means that either Katie Bailey or Jennifer Craweley will probably not be in Miss Arkansas this year. Ouch. They're both really sweet and talented, but I don't think they have but one prelim left and they can't both win it. I guess there's Miss National Parks though. I don't know how many prelims are left. Whatever. Good luck to them here in AR.

I'm wearing my hair different today, and I like it muchos. Just thought I'd share that. I'm recovering nicely too. My scar will be small. It's still really really gross looking though, but it'll get much less gross rather quickly.

I've already spent my scholarship. I had to get Windows XP to get my computer to start shutting down every three minutes. It runs beautifully so far. I've only been messing with it for a total of five hours since I installed it though, but so far no glitches. Muchos happy me. Tres joyeux!

Oops! Gotta go do laundry and dishes before Mom gets home from work.

Current Mood: content
Thursday, January 8th, 2004
4:17 pm
I hate subject lines
I can never come up with witty or relevant subject lines.

Anyway, I have a pageant over the next two days, and I'm a little nervous, I'll admit. I don't know my current events as thoroughly as I should. CNN.com will solve all that though. I need to write my opening and closing statements and practice them a couple of times, and then I need to work my talent number.

My surgery yesterday went well. I'm a little sore and tired, but it's nothing major. I can still function just fine. I'm going to have a very ugly scar, but it'll be a little, very ugly scar. I also got some nice pain killers too. They knock me out pretty fast. Surgery is really weird. They did the I.V. which was scary, but then they wheeled me back into this freezing cold room, put me on a different bed, put a little hairnet on my head, stuck cold things all over me, and then they said, "you should get sleepy soon." I looked around and said, "how long will it take for me to fall asleep." Next thing I know I'm in a completely different room all bandaged up, and they're taking the I.V. out, handing me my clothes, and saying, "go home." I slept all day yesterday, but I'm weirded out that I don't remember anything what-so-ever about the operation. Oh well.

I got my fingernails and toenails done today for the pageant. Hoorah! that is all.

Current Mood: anxious
Tuesday, December 30th, 2003
7:58 pm
So I have Marla removed on the 7th. Icky. spooky. I'll have a scar on my boob.

I've done a lot of work on my webpage, but it's not online yet. It will be soon, I promise.

I've got the Miss South Arkansas pageant on the 9th and 10th, so cross your fingers that I don't suck. I really want to make it in the top five this year, that way I can get some attention from the ACS offices in Little Rock and maybe get a walk set up for this summer. It'd be for the month when I'm not in Paris, of course. If I don't win Miss South (like that'd happen), I have Miss New York City in February, and I'm really excited about it. It's going to be filmed by TLC for a documentary. Hot, no?

I saw Lexi and Drew the other day, and they're both doing well. Don't go see Paycheck, though. BLAH. I don't really know why we saw it, but we did. Lexi's sister Jessie is having some health problems, sadly. I'm keeping her in my prayers, but I'm really worried about her. It's heart related stuff, and the doctor's don't really seem to know what's up.

Ryan is in a coma after his surgery today, but the doctors seem to think that he'll be fine. Creepy.

Anyway, I've got to go figure out my walk budget. Laters.

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
4:46 pm
fear and loathing in Stratford on Avon
Do I email Laura Levine back, or do I cower in the corner? Who knows when she'll call, and then it's doom. DOOM!

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, December 16th, 2003
2:05 pm
I'm like, so happy, y'all!
I got an A- on my television paper, and the final felt way too easy. I can't believe I studied so much for it. I'm really happy with it. Jakey called yesterday to offer me an evening on the town, but I had to turn him down. They're breakin' down my door, I lost 7 pounds, I got a great grade, I have all my paperwork done for Miss New York City, I'm going to the Line Party tonight. Everything is peachy. It's really a great day so far. I feel like it'll just get better. Shana's been mad at me, but everything has been going so great for me lately, that it doesn't really bug me anymore. It really upset me at first, but this has just been such an amazing week that I'm happy. I don't want her to be mad, but if she's not willing to address whatever is bothering her, that's her thing. I'm an such a natural high lately.

I'm just going nuts over my paper. I was so nervous about it, because we weren't allowed to use any sources at all, and it sounds so bogus to create theories. It said "nice" and "very nice" in so many places! At the end it says, "great writing. You exude confidence." Hot, huh?

It's really nice out today too. It's in the mid forties. This is just such an awesome day. I have somewhere and exude joy all over the place.

Current Mood: jubilant
Friday, December 5th, 2003
9:10 am
South Beach Works!
I'm starting day 4 today, and while yesterday was hard (really really hard), I have alreday lost 3 pounds!!!!!!!! I stepped on the scale this morning to discover an amazing 123 lbs me!!! Lightest I've been since Freshman year of college when I was 115. I'm on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, December 4th, 2003
9:42 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:21 pm
I'm burning CD's!!!! This burner that Hudson set up for me is amazing. I can have driving music when I go home for Christmas, and I can have walking music while I'm here. It's so nice.

anyway, I think I might have done alright on the quiz today afterall. I'm reading Troilus and Cressida (sort of) now. I had my last voice lesson of the semester today. Sadness. I nearly cried when Jan was explaining to me that I'm probably a mezzo. We're going to be working mezzo pieces all next semester, and while that is a little disappointing to me, it will be nice to do classical stuff again, because musical theatre songs, for the most part, are way to easy to sing. We looked at arias from oratorios this afternoon, and they'll be quite challenging. We're going to work completely within in the staff for a while, and then we'll work towards Laudamus Te, which has A's and G's in it. She said that if we work the middle enough, those notes will put themselves back in, but that doesn't make much sense to me. Anyway, I'm just going to trust her and do what she says. I don't want to mess anything up with my voice. I'll do Glitter and Be Gay still at the pageants, but that's the only time I'll sing above the staff (apart from vocal exercises of course). I just have to give myself time. She said that sometimes those notes between G and C don't come in for mezzos until about 25. I'm going to work incredibly hard to get them though. I'm going to keep my range.

Anyway, enough of that sad stuff. Miss New York City is being made into a TLC documentary this year!!!!! I'll be on television and maybe even (drumroll please) IMDB! How's that for exciting?

Ugh, I have to read.

Current Mood: optimistic
1:09 pm
Beautiful Day
It is cold outside, but from my window, it looks gorgeous. I found a website of inspirational quotes earlier this morning, and I feel very inclined to better myself. I filed out the forms for Miss New York City, and I read about 60 pages of the Book of Laughter and Forgetting. However, I will not be able to finish the Book of Laughter and Forgetting before the quiz at 2 PM. I did a ton of other people's dishes this morning, and I took out the trash. I'm thinking of cleaning the bathroom some before I leave for class. After class, I'll go straight to the library, photocopy the songs I need and go to the practice rooms in the school of ed building to rehearse them. Then I have a voice lesson at 4:45. After that, I have to finish reading Troilus and Cressida and collecting quotes on worth. Then I'll finish the library tutorial. The tutorial shouldn't take very long. I'll print it out and take it to the Tisch building, come back here and transpose Bridge Over Troubled Water.

I've decided that Green is now my favorite colour. That's just a side note, but the more I see green, the more I like green. It's a pleasant earthy colour, and I miss seeing it in the city. Only a couple more weeks before Winter Break starts!!!

Current Mood: peaceful
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
11:12 pm
Day 2 of South Beach has come to an end.
For the record, Elisa is a total bitch. I hope that Grant, Karl, and Alex win, and that Brad is exorcised and stops dating the E-bitch as soon as possible.

On a side note, all my laundry is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in three weeks. And I found ten dollars in the dryer! My lucky day? Maybe.

Day two of the south beach diet is almost over. Day three tomorrow will either be incredibly tough or amazingly simple. Who knows?

Oscar and Shanti are so cute. Just had to add that. Okay, I'm off to read the book of Laughter and Forgetting.

Current Mood: amused
7:09 pm
Why won't my acrobat reader work?????

Current Mood: aggravated
8:44 am
Okay, here's the game plan: Rehearsal with Tripp 9-10AM; CAP21 10AM-6PM; Laundry 6PM-9PM; Read The Book of Laughter and Forgetting whenever possible.

Not looking forward to rehearsal with Tripp. He never lets me say anything, and it is really starting to annoy me. It's my scene too. Anyway, I do both my scenes today, and then dance class. Modern was great Monday, so I hope it'll be great again today. We had jazz Monday instead of tap, but I bet Michael will be back today. I'm ready to tap again. The laundry? So much. So so much. Okay, gotta dash!

Current Mood: optimistic
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
6:21 pm
Ce nouveau Journal/This new Journal
I wish I was better with French. It just takes time (temps) though. I set this up to help me learn/work on French, but I think (je penser) it's going to be my basic journal from now on. I liked the other one--we had good moments--but too many people (gens) read it. So, on to the journal entry for today (aujourd-hui).

Bon soir. I started the South Beach diet today (aujourd-hui). How exciting is that? Well, it's exciting to me anyway. You're supposed to lose 8-16 pounds in the first two (deux) weeks. So, this morning (matin) I weighed 126 lbs. In two (deux) weeks, I should weigh what I want to weigh--between 112 and 118. I used to weigh that, but I gained weight (poids) in my first two (deux)years (annees) of college. That's why I'm excited to start a diet, something that is otherwise pretty boring.

I had Shakespeare today (aujourd-hui), and Laura Levine seems really ridiculously cool about all this homework that's due next Tuesday (Mardi). I've got to get working on that, or my brains will fall out of my head (tete). After that, I came back here and printed my TV paper and went to History of the Media. It was ung-dly boring today (aujourd-hui), but we have a quiz on Thursday (Jeudi), so I've got to get my butt in gear. I can't wait for classes to end next Tuesday (Mardi). I'll have so much free-time until my final on the 16th. Seven (Sept) full days of freedom.

I put Vaseline on my feet (pieds) today (aujourd-hui), so they'll be amazingly soft tomorrow (demain). Mom says I can get a new (nouveau) dermatologist when I get home (maison) for winter (hiver) break, so I can get this weird spot on my arm (bras) fixed up. It's just a dry patch that won't get better. Weird, no?

Shanti is on the diet too. We're going to rock the 11th floor! I have rehearsal in a about half an hour. Ugh. I like my scene from Proof, but I really don't like my scene from Robert and Elizabeth. The scene itself is okay, but my scene partner can be a real jerk sometimes. Any time (temps) I have a suggestion he just shh's me. I don't give him suggestions, but I just say things that I think would benefit both of us or clarify situations in the scene. Whatever, I only have to do the scene two (deux) more times (temps). Hooray!

OOh! Must do laundry tonight (ce soir)!

I'm going to finish here. I write again tomorrow (demain).

Current Mood: mellow
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